Hi, guys. I have not written for a long time but I want to make sure i do write for christmas. Christmas is my favorite holiday and i’m doing a lot of writing and research for my upcoming book. During Christmas, in my family we celebrate at home then on boxing day we got o the swimming pool to swim and guess what, this year i swam in the big swimming pool and i was not afraid, the last time i tried i almost drowned but i camme out immediately but this time i gathered all the courage i could and did it now i’m not afraid again. New year is coming and i think we are going to the pool again. hope you all had a merry christmas. I’m gonna write a new year special soon. Thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Hi, I know my blog mostly talks about writing and I realized that writing is also a part of art. Since I was a little girl, art was always my thing even right now I am still aspiring to be an artist but parents said I should be a doctor and make them proud. I want to be an artist in the aspect of fashion designing, cartoonist/animations and caricaturist. I know how to draw and sew and I have already made my plans to open a company by God’s grace when I grow up that does those things. I love art so much and spend most of my reading time designing gowns and drawing pictures especially human drawing, but I don’t allow it to distract me from my  school work. At school my classmates know me as the best artist in the whole class and my amazing ability to make interesting romance comics, they might sound bad but they are not, some people may say that I should not make things that concern romance at my age but I don’t do the type that concerns the bad type of romance. My first real comic was HIGH SCHOOL DIARIES and the continuation is HIGH SCHOOL DIARIES 2: KELLIE AND JANET and I am actually working on the second one and I was writing a school series called the triplets at St. Mary’s Towers but I left it and now I am doing something better called THE WYCOMBE ABBEY SERIES and I am in the first form, I ditched St. Mary’s when I was in the third form but I will grab some ideas from it because my classmates loved it a lot. THANKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Hi, guys  about my book,my mom gave me this idea to make things real so I used google and looked for girls schools in England since that was where I wanted my books to be based on but I am naturally Nigerian. I found out everything about the school, WYCOMBE ABBEY their uniform and everything else  to make it look real and whoever is reading the book not to think it isn’t good. I also changed Mariette’s name to Marabelle and her best friend Hildegard to Megan and so many others. Stay tuned and know more about the book. Share your thoughts in the comments area. THANKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


When thinking of how to set chapters in your book, think about things that normally happen in schools like theft cases eg THE CASE OF THE MISSING BRACELETS. Then take out like a chapter. Like I said last time you can say stuff at a particular place as a chapter and then spice it up with more ideas because when ideas come into your mind more pop into your mind. Use these ideas and your book is gonna be great. THANKS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Hi, this is my second entry. As I said earlier, I’m writing a series and this post is all about it. Mariette Andrews is the lead character in this book and she is taken to a boarding school where she makes friends but loses all except one, Selina Windsor, the main trickster in the form. My next entry will talk about it and if any of you want to give me advice or share your own stories, please write in the comment area. THANKS !!!!!!!!!!!

producer’s introduction

Hi, my name is Tessy and this is my blog. Here i’m going to be talking about famous writers and writing books like them. My favorite is Enid , Mary Blyton and out of all her books I love the Malory Towers series and she is my inspiration. I’m already writing my own.The series of REGAL GOLD TOWERS. Since it is December, I am dedicating my school holidays to write it.


Hi, once again I told you about my series and today we will be sharing creative ideas. While reading the sixth form at Malory Towers some ideas popped into my mind. If you are writing a  school series you have to put in some fantastic abilities of the girls like drawing, music, singing etc. In my series, Mariette has a very hot temper but calm on the inside, Selina is known for her ability to play tricks. Lilian can sew and knit and so many others. Your imagination is running wild and you imagine stuff happening in different days. Try putting it in one day and lay some emphasis on it as a special day. It can even be a chapter in your book eg DOWN BY THE POOL. Doesn’t it make sense? Use these tips and write your own book. The next entry will discuss about chapters in your stories and how to form it. Thanks!!!!!!!!